The Title of this blog isn’t self explanatory? New York SUCKS!

No really, what it is it? You one of those people who put that dirty disgusting Sodom on a pedestal? Seriously? You buy into the marketing? Is that it? They got you with all that City That Never Sleeps bullshit? It doesn’t sleep- that’s a prison thing man. It doesn’t sleep because it doesn’t trust you. Or it’s waiting for you to sleep. So it can rape you. Both analogies are accurate. Trust me.

Cities in general are disgusting inhuman places. They are crowded, polluted, havens for the subjugation of the poor, the places where the rich go to play slave master in the modern age. And when they tell you New York is the Greatest City on Earth… these ar ethe things they’re really talking about.

Not the pretty little things you’re thinking about. They’re talking about the fact it’s where the MOST poor are being subjugated the MOST. They’re talking about where the MOST corruption is accepted as the norm. They’re talking about where the MOST poison is distributed to the huddled masses the MOST. Things like that.

I’m from New York. 44 years. I know these things. You? You’re from – where the fuck ever you’re from- You’re not from New York.

You know what sucks? Being from a place that sucks, keeps you down, prevents you in every way possible from being the person you want to be, shows you how much everyone else has, and pushes you back like a bully in the playground when you reach in to get some… and people say it’s so great. That sucks.

You assholes who idolize that shit soaked city… You come here, and you call yourselves New Yorkers, and somehow, some weird fucked up way… You become the poster children for the place- and perpetrate the lie to the rest of the world. Yet, the real New Yorkers, whose parents came to this country and landed there, the ones who struggle and eat shit from the rich and entitled- we have to watch this shit and somehow live with it.

So this is what this blog is about.

The reality of what New York is.

For all the assholes who think it’s SUCH a great place.

It’s NOT!



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